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removing check boxes from a row

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Hi all - this seems like it would be easy but I cant figure it out. I have a spreadsheet with different sections, most rows I DO want the check boxes but on my header rows which are separateing my sectinos I DO NOT want the check boxes but I can't figure out how to get rid of them since they are a column property. Anyone know how to do this? Really apprecaite the help!


  • Morning Irs,

    I asked a similar question a while ago about this, the simple answer is no. You cannot remove the COLUMN properties from a single CELL.


    However if, like me, it is an aesthetic only request - simply to make it look cleaner, I overwtrite the cell with a '.' (fullstop or something similar), and make the font colour the same colour as the background colour, making the cell appear empty. Sounds very basic, but it worked for us, there is NO information that ever needs to be entered into the cell we use so this is a simple fix to 'clean up' the look of our sheet.

  • lrs
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    this is so so helpful!!! thank you so much. That solution will work for me too!

  • Happy to help, it makes for a cleaner looking sheet for sure!

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