Combining Two Formulas in One Cell (NETDAYS and Addition)


Hi everyone,

I am looking to combine two formulas in one cell (one to calculate number of days; one to calculate completion date, using calculated days). The information below was provided to me by my supervisor to use, but I have been struggling to come up with a solution. Here is the information:

Formula: First Product Date (09/01/20) - 30 calendar days (manufacturing, sub-assembly, etc.) - Lead Time (09/01/21)

My initial approach:

NETDAYS([First Product]1, [Lead Time]1) - 30 = 336 days

[First Product]1 + 336 = 08/03/21

The first formula calculates the total days of development and production, then that calculated amount is added to the first product date to roughly guess on what specific date should I expect the project to be completed. Dates will change, but this is just an example.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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