How to ignore, or return a 0 with a blank cell in an IF formula


I'm trying to calculate my savings year-to-date. I thought i had the formula, but soon realized that having blank dates (maybe we don't have a start selling date, or the project is still in development), it'll still return a value when it should really be $0. I have no doubt there is a more elegant way to do my original calculation, but this is what i have:

My thought process is IF the start selling date is in the past, then take the estimated annual savings, divide by 12 and then multiply it by the # months in 2020 it's been selling for. In this case we were running the report for Feb so that is where the 2 comes from.

How can i get update this formula it to return a $0 or stay blank if the start selling date is blank? Or is there a better way to go about this formula in the first place!!

Thank you so much community!!

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