How can I compare two cells in a cross sheet reference?


I have a COUNTIFS formula (below) that returns the number of items that pass all the tests.

Basically, count an item if it's unique id is not blank, it's % complete is 100, and the risk area is Antiboycott. This formula works beautifully.

=COUNTIFS({ExportUniqueID}, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell)), {ExpComp}, @cell = 1, {ExportWPRA}, ="Antiboycott")

I want to add one more test to determine if the projected end date and the actual end date are the same, indicating that the task complete on schedule. I'm having a problem with syntax. I tried the following, and got #UNPARSEABLE.

=COUNTIFS({ExportUniqueID}, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell)), {ExpComp}, @cell = 1, {ExportWPRA}, ="Antiboycott", {ExpProjEnd}@cell = {ExpActEnd}@cell)

I'm struggling with how to format the last test. Any help is truly appreciated!



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