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Template Sheet With a Deadline Column

Pablo Lleras
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi there everyone!


I wanted to ask if there is a tamplate with deadline dates.

Where we work we send tasks to our drafters with 3days of work, some times they can end the task on 5days. And we wanted to track the total of days we gave them to work with and the dates they used to work on that task.


Can someone help with this?




  • Admin@PAT

    Hi Pablo,

    Using a blank sheet you could create your own quite easily. A column for the Task Description/Project, a date task that can be populated with 'Todays' date as the date raised/given to the drafters (you can automate this to fill in TODAY in the field) and then a colum that can be populated as Complete date - from there with both columns populated you could find the 'difference' of days taken vs days allocated. This would give you a +ve or -ve value of number of days.


    You could allocate a date column for DUE DATE/DEADLINE and set alerts/reminders when the DUE DATE/DEADLINE is within 1 day, or in the past.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Pablo Lleras

    Excellent feedback my freind. Is preaty much the idea i am looking for. I will work on that the same way.


    thanks for the help!

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