Sequential Unique identifier for two types of records in a sheet

Hello Smartsheet community. I am in need of a solution that allows me to leverage an intake form to track Objectives and Key Results.

I need to be able to sequentially generate unique ID's for each Objective and for each KR and I need this to not break with sorting. The reason is, I need to do lookups on the Unique identifier field to pull in KR progress (I'd like to tag projects with the unique KR identifier so I can automate status reporting from the projects' progress aligned).

Initially I wanted to leverage a solution similar to this: but as @Craig Williams appropriately calls out, this will break if rows are sorted.

I'm wondering if something like this: can be leveraged to provide the solution I'm looking for.

Below is a simplified example of the sheet i'm trying to go for and the desired result. Appreciate in advance any and all suggestions.


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