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RGYB Ball Color not showing on report intermittently

Susan Cook
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a report that pulls a summary row from various smartsheets.  I have a column in these sheets titled Progress Indicator.  I have a nested IF statement to show the correct ball color.  I just noticed that some of the sheets are pulling in the actual ball symbol and some are giving me the text name of the color. When I go to the smartsheet this is pulling from, it shows the RGYB ball color correctly.  I checked the forumulas, capitalization, etc.  There does not seem to be any difference between the sheets showing the ball symbol color and the text name only?  Anyone else run into this?  Here's is the forumula I am using:  =IF([% Complete]8 = 1, "Blue", IF(ISBLANK([Due Date]8), "", IF([Due Date]8 <= TODAY(), "Red", IF([Due Date]8 <= (TODAY() + 14), "Yellow", IF(AND([Due Date]8 > TODAY(), Status8 = "In Progress"), "Green", "")))))



Here's a snapshot


ball color.PNG


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