Salesforce to Smartsheet Connector

Does anyone know if there is a way to export all workflows to identify which Salesforce fields are being used in the connector?

Basically a map that identifies all the fields in Salesforce that Smartsheet touches and if its read only or reads and write.


  • Hi Ashley,

    The easiest way to do this would be to generate a Workflow Execution Info file in the Salesforce Connector for each existing. Note that this is a file that comes in JSON format, so you may need to get assistance from someone who is familiar with JSON to help parse it. I'll include some information below that will hopefully be helpful.

    Any Smartsheet SysAdmin or Connector Admin can create one of these using these steps:

    1. Login at
    2. In the Salesforce Connector dashboard, select the timestamp under the Run Date column of the workflow. This will bring you to the workflow run history.
    3. Select the timestamp under Last Run for the latest run of the workflow.
    4. On following page, go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines in the upper left) and choose Download Workflow Execution Support Info.

    This file will include detailed information on each workflow including field mappings and the direction those fields are configured (bidirectionally or unidirectionally), any filters that are configured, etc.

    Main Field Mapping Info

    Within the WEX file, the following section will show you the "Fields" section of the Workflow. This is where you'll determine which Salesforce fields have been mapped for the workflow

    "columnMapping" : {
    "columnMappingEntries" : [ {
    "leftColumnID" : "ID",
    "rightColumnID" : "6857324871608196",
    "direction" : "LEFT_TO_RIGHT",
    "isPrimaryKey" : true

    The "leftColumnID" is the Salesforce field and "rightColumnID" is the Smartsheet field.

    If you copy the "rightColumnID" and do a Ctrl+F in the Workflow Execution file, you will be able to locate the name of the Smartsheet field. In the example below, the "displayName" is the name of the field in Smartsheet.

    "displayName" : "Salesforce ID",
    "dataType" : "STRING",
    "fieldLength" : 2147483647,

    The direction is the direction the field is set in the workflow (could be left-to-right, right-to-left, or bi-directional).

    Additional Info

    • "FilterRightToleft" will tell you if there are any Filters set up in the Workflow.
    • "filterRightToLeft" represents the Smartsheet filters that are set up. In the example below there are no Smartsheet Filters set up.
    • "hierarchyLevels" represents the Row Groups section of the workflow. If you are grouping by any fields, they will be listed under "hierarchyLevels", with the Salesforce field name listed next to ColumnID.

    Hopefully that will help you build out a reference you can use to see what users are mapping in your Salesforce instance.