How do you make a name input on a form become a contact that is already a contact in Smartsheet?


I posted this on an old thread, but thought it might be easier to find as a new entry.

I am trying to have a contact show up in cells based on input on a form.

  1. User fills out form with account manager name. For example, Rachel Alexander.
  2. Rachel is in my contacts. However, when the data from the form populates the sheet it stays as text vs. turning it into a contact, complete with email.
  3. This is a problem because I have automation set up to trigger when the information is added. Since it's not reading as a real contact there is no email for the automation to use.
  4. I've tried the VLookUp but it doesn't seem to turn a text name into a contact. It only finds the email on the other sheet, which means that I will have to have an extra column. Is that the only way to do it?
  5. At this point I can't figure out how to make the name from a form become a contact that is already a contact in Smartsheet.

Thank you for your help!!

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