Syncing/Keeping Files Current from Dropbox

Does anyone know if files will continuously sync from Dropbox? I've followed the directions to attach files to a workspace from Dropbox, but any changes I've made to those files IN Dropbox are not syncing to Smartsheet. The article about "Keeping Files Updated" doesn't specify. It IMPLIES syncing, but doesn't explicitly say, just that you can upload revised versions.

Additionally, only the Dropbox files I attach from the main workspace show the Dropbox logo. Any Dropbox files I attach to that sheet don't show Dropbox logo/linking.

I'm just trying to figure out the most efficient way of handling versions of SS and just attaching the latest version to a sheet isn't helpful. Syncing is a must. If syncing isn't possible, then there has to be a way to share an organized file hierarchy, not just a list. Any tips?


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi @Caroline Suh,

    I tested this and any change I made to a Word document stored in Dropbox was reflected when I open the attachment from Smartsheet. Note, I edited the Word document via Word Online.

    What file type are you working with and where are you making your changes? Also, do you mind posting a screen capture of the attachment icons you mentioned?