New form builder with conditional logic now available!

Caroline Sheldon
Caroline Sheldon Employee
edited 05/21/20 in General Announcements

Hello Community,

I’m the forms product manager at Smartsheet and am pleased to let you know that we have launched a new version of our form builder that includes conditional logic.

The new, full-screen form builder keeps more of the settings at your fingertips to help save time and reduce the number of clicks. 

You can now also edit column properties without needing to leave the form builder. 

All of your existing forms will continue to work and be editable in this new builder.

Conditional logic, our most requested forms enhancement, gives you greater control over which fields each person will see on your form. Use simple rules to conditionally show certain fields based on the responses in other fields. 

For example, if a respondent selects “Ice Cream” as their favorite dessert in Question 1, you can now use a logic rule to show them Question 2, which asks them which flavors they like. If “Ice Cream” isn’t selected in Question 1, Question 2 will remain hidden.

I have a new blog post up about forms and these enhancements.

You can also always visit the Smartsheet Learning Center for more info.