Why is this alert automation not working consistently?

I have a daily statistic grid set up where staff are entering new records on a daily basis. I have alert notifications set up based on when the stats are entered. The expectation is that the staff will enter their numbers via a form by 10:00 AM every day. The first automation to go out is therefore at 10:00 AM, and is simply based off of the condition 'Created Today = "Yes" '. No issues there.

However in scenarios where staff enter their records late that day (ex. 10:30 AM or 11:40 AM), I want a separate notification to go out at each hour (ex. 11:00 AM would send the 10:30 AM entry; 12:00 PM would send the 11:40 AM entry). Here are some examples of my "conditional" columns (used in automations) where I have entered formulas to pull out specific information based on the Created Date/Time (Auto-Number):

Here is my 10:00 AM automation (working fine):

Here is my 12:00 PM automation (works sometimes, but usually not):

You might be wondering why I broke the 12:00 PM condition up into 2 separate blocks. I don't think I should have had to being that they are all 'and' criteria. However this approach did not work. Breaking it up improved things for some reason. However, some times it works, some times it doesn't, and it is quite frustrating as there is no consistency.

So in this example: the first group of records would not send as they were not entered today (correct); the second group of records sends at 10:00 AM as they were entered today @ 8:00 AM (correct); the third set of records however, is not being sent at 12 PM even though it meets all of the criteria in the automation --> Created today = Yes; Hour = 11; AM/PM = AM.

The whole point of this sheet is to automate the manner in which those that need the stats for the day get them in an efficient and automatic manner. This is not happening however due to this automation not triggering correctly and thus admin staff are phoning me at 12 wondering why they have not seen any stats since the 10:00 AM automation.

One thing I have noticed is that the automations coming through correctly, have a different "created time" in the email than the sheet. For example, some stats entered in the sheet this morning:

Vs the email automation......

For some reason it looks like the automations are taking 3 hours off the time in the cell on that sheet.... which I suspect might be the reason they are not triggering correctly within the hour blocks like in the example above...? I'm not sure why this would be or how I would go about adjusting this.

If someone please explain to me why this is happening it would be very much appreciated!!