Automating document creation


I am trying to automate a workflow with Smartsheet. It starts with a large survey (external to Smartsheet--Forms can't handle the requirements), whose results are inserted into a Sheet.

Whenever a new row (survey result) is added to that sheet, I want to create a formatted PDF document from that new data and ideally attach it back to that same row. I know I can do this with the Google Docs integration, but it requires quite a few manual steps from a person, who needs to pick the correct rows to be merged, choose the right document creation options, etc.--lots of potential to screw up.

Is there any way for me to simply automate the insertion of Smartsheet data into a document template, create a nice, formatted PDF out of it, and attach that document somewhere in Smartsheet, WITHOUT some person having to manually shepherd that process?

If an integration is needed, please let me know which one.