How do I restrict the range of dates in a Form input field?

I am building a reservation system and want to limit the days that a customer can select from in our Form. There are two versions on this - I want to restrict the input for the date field to only today and into the future, no days in the past.

The other option I would like to do is to block certain days in the future that we are not taking reservations.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Chuck Homola


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    I've found standing behind them with a paddle to be a solid solution.

    When unable to do so you can use a standard dropdown with the list of dates, and convert it to a date in a helper column, which is an annoying and painful solution, but a solution nonetheless.

    Hopefully they add this function to form logic, but I don't believe that there is currently a solution other than what i've listed above.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Yea - I really want the simplicity of selecting on a calendar so they know the day of the week. The new form logic does not appear to support this - it only allows you to choose subsequent fields. I thought about the drop down list - but just seems like too much work. I am hoping SS plans to allow more flexibility with forms in general.


  • I think there is another less painful solution, create a dropdown list column with the date ranges you want, then create a date formatted column with a function that reads the specific date you need from the dropdown list column, that way is more secured and automated.