Tony Nguyen
edited 05/16/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi All,

I have problem in sheet summary formula after edit sheet

  1. Everything is working as well with current formula, but after I edit (Just change type column, insert) then all formula in sheet summary show #INVALID DATA TYPE. Would you please to help me solve this one!

Kindly refer my picture as below with current formula

I want to Count issue in week 19

=COUNTIFS([Total Issue DSIN]:[Total Issue DSIN]; ">0"; Week:Week; "19")

And would you please to advised more about COUNTIFS with WEEKNUMBER

I want to Count issue in week 19 and current I using manual setup as :

=COUNTIFS([Correct Action]:[Correct Action]; "Yes"; Week:Week; "19"). Now I want to replace by Weeknumber to take data of last 7 days, I try with formula:

=COUNTIFS([Correct Action]:[Correct Action]; "Yes"; WEEKNUMBER(Today()-7)) but not work. Please help me to correct again this one.

Thank you so much!