Feature Request: Smartsheet Desktop apps (specifically for Mac!)


Dear Smartsheet Team,

PLEASE build desktop apps so that users don't have to rely on their browser to use Smartsheet.

If you look at most people's browser, chances are they have a million tabs opened. That makes it easy for Smartsheet tabs to get lost in the chaos, which in turn reduces overall productivity and prevents users from getting the most out of their Smartsheet experience. A desktop app adds countless benefits both from a user and business perspective.

Benefits to users:

  • Centralized environment with less distraction
  • Greater accessibility
  • Ability to use Smartsheet offline

Benefit to Smartsheet as a business:

  • Happier users increased user advocates increased retention + more referrals + increased brand awareness

Come on Smartsheet, do the right thing! (at least for your Mac users 😉)