Resource is picking up time not showing in a sheet


We have time shown in resource view for an operative, the sheet from which the allocation is coming from doesn't have any sign of the said allocation. Everything is largely complete with most things marked to 100% and complete, the rest of the project is on stop yet resource viewer shows the allocation.

Does anyone have any ideas please?


  • Ramzi K
    Ramzi K ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Simon England

    A couple of things come to mind:

    1. Do you have any filters on the sheet? If so, turn them off and see if any rows who up that may not be complete.
    2. In Resource Viewer look at the dates of over-allocation and see if that provides a clue
    3. Have you recently made a copy of the project sheet? If so, you will need to disable Resource Management in all copies.

    Hope this helps.


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