Dynamic Data Validation with Columns from another Grid



I want to be able to validate data in a drop-down menu in one sheet from a column in another sheet.

EX: I have a sheet that serves as a master sheet of projects and the project's properties (Name, budget, etc.), and another sheet that serves as tracking tasks related to the projects in the master sheet. When People record a task being done, I want them to only be able to select names of existing projects, but I also want that list to automatically expand as we add more projects in the master sheet.

In EXCEL, I would accomplish this by assigning the relevant column in the table a name in name manager, and telling data validation to limit available responses by that column's name. The result is that I could add projects to the master table and it would add that to the drop down list created by Data Validation applied in other tables/sheets. Is there a comparable way to do this on Smartsheets?


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