COUNTIF on FLAGS at PARENTS level not returning any value (number)


Hi Smart Community,

I am trying to Sum my CHILDREN() Countif but it is not giving any value. All my sub-children is indicated as flag (1 or 0)


When there is a delay release in a category Bug Fix : it will flagged out RED. On Bug Fix, I did


This seems to work fine and return with 2 (which is the total number of flagged items in Bug Fix). See below screenshot.

Obviously, I have 5 different categories and on a Parent level for all these categories, I would like to sum all categories flag but it doest return a value.

On the darker green : it should be counting (2+3+0+0+1) = 6 but I am not sure what formula i should be using? I have tried the following

=SUM(CHILDREN(),1) - return result as Red Flag

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN(),1)+"" - return result as 0

=SUM(CHILDREN()) - return result as White Flag

=SUM(CHILDREN(),1)+"" - return result as 1

Thank you in advance, and hope you are all having a great day so far :)


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