Licensed user - how many workspaces can I create / share?

I'm working on developing a template workspace for our PM to use, that will eventually roll up to a PMO workspace. We plan on getting licenses for the PM if we go to production after the pilot. Each PM has multiple clients so they would have multiple workspaces.

My pilot plan is to create workspaces for them and make them editors that can share. Do all the workspaces for all the Pilot PMs and all their current projects.

Is there a limitation to the amount of workspaces I, as a licensed user, can create/share? I want to make sure I'm not going to run into a limitation while we do a fairly large pilot.



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    You shouldn't run into any smartsheet side issues, but it will be a pita to navigate, speaking from experience. It would probably be a better idea to use the GROUPS functionality if you have access to it, and have sharing based on that rather than workspaces.

  • Thanks for the feed back. Each client would have their own workspace, and each PM would manage their own workspaces. I would create the initial workspace from a template (which will already be configured to rollup to a PMO dashboard. Can you elaborate on the PITA?

    I don't see GROUPS, can you explain how that is used and how it would be helpfult as far as addressing the above?


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    Groups are a sharing ability that smartsheet has, you can create a group and add people to it, then you share the group the resources the same way you would a single person. You can add/edit/delete groups from your profile in the top right when you are on smartsheet if you are an account admin

    The PITA isn't for your users, it is for you. It is difficult to navigate and develop when you have a large amount of workspaces. This is mainly due to smartsheet not automatically collapsing workspaces when linking sheets and reports. Your users probably won't have any issues in the scenario you have described. If you aren't going to do any development work then it probably won't bother you, but having to collapse 50 workspaces to link a single sheet up is not fun, especially when you have to do it repeatedly.

  • Thanks for the insight. I'm not the account admin, so no groups for me and each workspace is client specific so that wouldn't work anyway. I had thought about the development side - so during the pilot we will finalize the template, formulas, links, etc. Changes will be quedued up and developed on the master template for future projects. Existing projects may continue to report to current PMO summary reports. The old summary reports would then be combined into the new dashboard summary reports and dashboard. If PM's want the new functionality in existing reports, a changes guideline can be provided - as it would be used anyway to document production changes.

    This organizational versioning/development is something we will analyze throughly, as that may be the thing keeping us from adopting for our PMO.

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