Auto-Populate Left Stub for Schedules

Thanks to Paul Newcome, I was able to get a WBS schedule working. Now I need to create several schedules, using the WBS as the left two columns. Here is the problem - I need for all schedules to update whenever a row is added or deleted from the original WBS sheet. Simply using Cell Linking does not achieve this.

Here is what the WBS schedule looks like:

This works fantastically well -- when I add a deliverable, and indent it properly, the WBS number automatically populates! When I delete a deliverable, all the below WBS numbers update automatically.

I need all that automatic WBS numbering goodness (when adding and deleting rows) to transfer to several other schedules, where the WBS is essentially the "left side stub." I'd prefer to keep just the master WBS sheet, and have all other sheets (schedules) simply populate from the master WBS sheet.

Is there a way to do this, that will also update row deletions and row additions?

Thanks so much!



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