RYG Automation using TODAY, AND, and OR functions

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    =IF(AND(TODAY() > Finish@row, OR(Status@row = "In Progress", Status@row = "Not Started"), "Red", IF(AND(TODAY() < Finish@row, OR(Status@row = "Complete", Status@row = "In Progress"), "Green", IF(AND(TODAY() = Finish@row, OR(Status@row = "In Progress", Status@row = "Not Started")), "Yellow", IF(AND(TODAY() < Finish@row, (Status@row = "Not Started", "Gray"))))))))

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    =IF(AND(TODAY() > Finish@row, OR(Status@row = "In Progress", Status@row = "Not Started")), "Red", IF(AND(TODAY() < Finish@row, OR(Status@row = "Complete", Status@row = "In Progress")), "Green", IF(AND(TODAY() = Finish@row, OR(Status@row = "In Progress", Status@row = "Not Started")), "Yellow", IF(AND(TODAY() < Finish@row, Status@row = "Not Started"), "Gray"

    You didn't close out your first 2 and statements or the last one. Check and see if that works, if not I can troubleshoot further.

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