Formatting Summary Sheet? Is there a better way to ensure I'm getting a daily update per item type?

I have a sheet that collects data from about 40 different forms, one form for each "Item". Each item requires a daily update which generates 40 new lines per day. There are 4 of these sheets, so I'm looking at 200 lines per day that need to be submitted.

I have a summary field for each item type that will tell me the "Last Update" date for each item, for example:

Item 1, Last Update: 6/1

Item 2, Last Update: 6/2

End Goal: I'd like to have one summary sheet that shows me all "Last Update" dates and conditionally format them.

I can create a "Report Summary" sheet which pulls each Summary field for each but this sheet does not let me conditionally format anything.

Am I going about this the right way? Should I find a better way to enforce a daily update?

Thank you,