Apostrophe added to formula that is pushed from Zapier

We’re using a sheet for ticket tracking. Issues come in via a form, manual entry, or the Gmail Add-on. We’re using hierarchies to track To Dos as tasks. I use a simple formula to tell me if a row is a task or a parent.


I use the value for formatting and for accurate issue counts as I only want to count parents. New Issues saved down from Gmail can only be added to the bottom of the sheet.There are no other options. So if the previous last row was indented because it’s a task, the formula won’t copy down.

I’ve been trying to use Zapier to push the formula if the field is blank. If I try to format the formula as a number in Zapier it errors, so I just typed the formula into the update row action. Smartsheet is breaking the formula by adding a ‘ in front: '=COUNT(ANCESTORS())

The field in Smartsheet is a text/number field. I have an alert that notifies me if that field is blank so I can manually pull the formula down, but that isn’t practical long term.  

Has anyone figured out a better way?


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