Dashboard widgets

Hello -

I have three Workspaces for different firms, and in each workspace I have a folder setup for each project. I want to setup a Dashboard to report on the various different projects the executives. I'd also like new folders (new projects) to automatically be added into the Dashbaord reporting.

I found that at the Workspace level, I can create a report to pull the metrics from the individual folders/projects and it will automatically add new projects/folders as they are created.

Where I'm struggling is then adding widgets to the Dashboard that I've also created at the Workspace level - when I go to add any widget outside of the report widget or chart widget, it won't allow me to pull data from my report, it wants me to select specific sheets. The problem with that is that the only way to have new project auto add to be included is to use the report function. I also can't add additional columns to the report to get totals, etc that I can then use to report on the Dashboard.

Is there someway that I can:

  • Have a Dashboard at the Workspace level (and even better have one final Dashboard that rolls up the three Workspace level reports to a master report to report to the parent company/board)
  • Have all new folders/projects that are added to Workspace auto add to the reporting on the Workspace
  • Use various widgets on the Dashboard outside of just reports and Charts (really I just want to also be able to have a column with total and use the Metric column)

I want my roll-up dashboard to look similar to this (mainly the ability to the Metric widget to give number. ) I do want to use the Chart and Report widgets so it's great those work.