Date vs. System Date Column


If a sheet has a system generated date column and multiple date columns, do those date columns mess with the generated columns?

Because I created workflows to move rows to another sheet when a status in the status column is reached. However, if there is a date in one of the date columns it changes the System date column from "Created (Date)" to "Date" which then disables the workflow.

What is the reason for this?

It is very frustrating having to go back in and change the column properties so that the workflows work properly.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Sidonia,

    No, updates to cells in a grid should not change column properties or change a System Column to be a regular date column. System columns are not editable, and should be read-only. Even if you changed the title of the column to just "Date" instead of "Created (Date)", the type of column and the information it displays should still be a System created date.

    Do you mean that the column is changing once the rows are copied over? If this is happening consistently and you can confirm that none of your shared users with Admin permissions are updating the column properties, please contact Smartsheet Support, providing them with screen captures and your sheet names.



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