Move Row w/ Formulas


I have 3 sheets that are being used in tandem:

Sheet 1     Registration Data

Sheet 2     Travel Requests

Sheet 3     Cancelled Registrations

Sheet #1 has a "registration status" field (dropdown). This field is being pulled into Sheet #2 by using an Index/Match formula. If the registration status (on sheet 1) changes to cancelled, I want the corresponding row on the travel request (Sheet #2) to move to sheet #3.

 I have a "move row" workflow set up on sheet #2 so that when the registration status changes to Cancelled, the row on sheet #2 is moved to sheet #3. But… it’s not working.

I'm assuming it's because the "registration status" field on sheet #2 is a formula and the trigger isn't necessarily coming from that sheet? Any help/advice?