Questions related resource management view

Questions related resource management view

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A number of questions. Please provide an "yes/no" answer, following with further elaboration.

1) In the resource management view, the resources are sorted by their names. Is it possible for me to include additional information about the resource (such as department, email, etc.) as a column in the resource management view and then sort based those additional columns?

2) If it's currently not possible to question 1, is it possible to create a separate sheet to add the more resource information in columns (department, email), and at the same time refer the information from resource view in the same sheet?

3) Is it possible to set certain project as subjected for resource management in one view, but not another? For example, if I create one resource view and include this project, I'd like to see the resource allocation with the workload of this project. However, in another resource view, I doesn't want to see that project.

4) Is it possible to track planned resource allocation versus the actual resource allocation? For example, in project plan I have the 20% allocated to one resource, and I want to track the actual load on the resource as how many hours spent on the project in that week (say 12 hours), so I can compare the planned 20% versus actual 30% (12/40).

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  • Hi @Mengdong Zheng,

    Within the core application it isn't currently possible to customize Resource Views to include additional information or to change the way resources are sorted. You could insert columns in a sheet to list Department names and email addresses and you may be able to use cross-sheet formulas to populate that information based off of a resource's name, but Resource View information can't directly be referenced.

    While you do have an option to create custom Resource Views, the filtered options for "By Project" and "By User" will both include other projects where resources are assigned. This can help in identifying potential scheduling issues.

    For the features you're looking for that aren't supported at this time, submit a Product Enhancement Request for these to be considered as possibilities for future development. I also highly recommend looking into our 10,000ft application which offers more Resource Management capabilities such as time tracking and reporting capabilities that may help with the allocation comparison you're looking for.

    For more information on Smartsheet's built-in Resource Management functionality and 10,000ft, check out the following Help articles from the Smartsheet Learning Center:

    Smartsheet Resource Management


    I hope this helps!



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