Newbie ... how can I find the Primary column?


I've created a sheet, with associated form, and things are working well.

I indented a row, to create a hierarchy, but don't see the +/- sign on any column, identifying it as the 'primary' column.

How can I ID the primary column? I will eventually want to use a client/contact name as the primary field/column, and it looks like I can copy the contents of the client/contact name to the primary field.

Bottom line, is I'm looking to create log entries for each client, indented under the appropriate client name

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  • Dennis Hoshield
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    I don't see a bold column name. Is it initially a hidden column?

  • My bad ..... Found it. It was labeled 'Title'.

    I copied the contents of my 'Name' column into it, and can now probably delete my original column.



  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Another way would be to enter data down a few rows in any column then indent some of the rows.

    The primary column is the only one that shows the indentation, and you should see the grey + and - boxes on the right side of the cells. (first screenshot)

    A third option would be (as long as you don't have any left/right justification formatting applied to the columns) to enter a number in every column.

    Numerical values are always right justified and text values left justified with the exception of the Primary Column. The Primary Column is always left justified by default even for numerical values.(second screenshot)

  • Hi Paul ...

    I DID find it ... looking for the column heading in bold text. I went over all the fields multiple times. It was labeled 'Title', and I assumed it meant title for a Name (Mr, Ms, etc). We usually don't use designators like that, and I would have gotten a hint if I tried to delete it.

    Putting numbers in each field would have worked, as well. Thanks for the tip!

    I now have indenting and am playing with it. It's just a different process than what I would have used 30 years ago when I was developing databases! LOL I would have had the call/follow up logs (which is what the indent will be doing for me, I guess) in a separate related database, and used the client name or account number to relate the 2 databases. This should work pretty well, also.

    Thanks for your help!

  • No problem ... always good to have options!