Excluding non-working days from Gantt chart


Imagine I have an activity starting on a Friday and ending on a Monday. When I set my start and end dates, the Gantt chart shows us performing that activity Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday. How do I manufacture my gantt chart to only show the activity on Friday/Monday?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Matthew,

    Currently there is no way to stop the bar from running across non-working days, as it indicates the full length of the task from start-to-finish, including when that time runs over a weekend or holiday. Even though those days aren't included in the duration or the number of working days, the Gantt chart shows how long the task takes in terms of the calendar & actual days.

    You'll notice that the background of the weekend cells in the gantt chart are a slightly darker grey, which is how the non-working days are visually indicated. In order to stop the task before the weekend then pick it up after the weekend (so the bar doesn't show through), you would need to set up two tasks: one just for Friday and one for Monday-Thursday.

    Please submit an Enhancement Request if you would rather have a different type of visual, so our Product team can be notified of your preferences!



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  • Ben H
    Ben H ✭✭

    + 1 on this request. I don't see any way to remove weekends form the view. Has this been fixed?

  • AshJenkins

    As far as i can tell, this feature has been requested since 2016. How has it still not been implemented??