Timestamp - Record Date & Time in a Field

Timestamp - Record Date & Time in a Field

Hi there,

I want to set up a workflow with multiple approval steps and record e.g. when each step was approved; is there a way to push the 'current' date and time - as a fixed value, not as =TODAY() - into a cell ?

The modified date/time only catches the last modification of the whole line, so that's not going to work for my purpose.

I know that the 'Activity Log' as well as the 'Cell History' both hold these values for each cell, but is there a way to extract them in case pushing the value is not possible?




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  • Thanks @Andrée Starå ,

    I've used this workaround before - but man, what a gigantic overhead this is.

    For information that

    • could just be a simple value-push or
    • reusing a value that already stored in the system, maybe even twice (including the information who made the change).

    We Germans call that 'von hinten durch die Brust ins Auge'.

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