Approval workflow validation

Approval workflow validation

Is there an easy way to validate that a request for approval submitted via a form is not approved by the person who created the request?

My sheet contains a Contact List column from which approvers are selected. I have tried to validate this entry against the 'Created By' column but this does not match as the contact list entry only matches the name and not the email address. Created By = 'Andy Harris', Approver = '[email protected]'.

I want my workflow to be able to reject approval requests that have been submitted by the same person as the selected approver.

Many thanks,



  • I have created a workaround for the above using a second sheet containing a list of approver names and email addresses. I've added a column to my main sheet that uses VLOOKUP to populate the approver's email address from the second sheet, I then validate this email address against the Created By field.

    Suggestions for a more efficient solution would be welcomed.



  • Hi Andy,

    Your solution above sounds like a good way to do this, and it would have been my suggestion. I prefer INDEX(MATCH to VLOOKUP but they have the same output so that's fine!

    If you're still wanting other possible ways of achieving your goal, it would be helpful to see a screen capture of the sheet (but block out any emails or sensitive data). It would also be useful to know how the approver is being selected in this process & what your workflow is like.



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