Is it possible to have a column in a sheet serve as a reference to multiple other sheets?

Here is my scenario:

I am redesigning some of my template sets and dashboards but leaving the originals up and running at the same time. I created a sandbox environment (workspace) to do this in. Some of the new sheets use the same data and formulas. Copy and pasting the formulas sometimes required me to recreate the reference (not sure why). When I did that, it fixed the formula but then broke the original, probably because I decided to give the reference a relatable name rather than sticking with the original default names that smartsheet gave. However, when I go back to the original sheet and try to just fix the reference by deleting the original reference in the formula and then opening up the reference picker, selecting the same sheet and column does not show me the new reference name. Can the column getting referenced have multiple reference names and be different for every sheet referencing it? How does this work and what is best practice when it come to multiple sheets referencing the same thing to avoid the #INVALIDREF errors?


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  • RossL

    Thanks for the information.

    That helps to clear things up for me.

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