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I have a Inventory Sheet with list of items and also the quantity of each item. I also have products that use various items from the Inventory list, which I list in the "Products parts list", for example: Product #1 requirements = 2 Wheels, 1 axle, and 2 wires. And the way I have set it up now, every time when I sell Product #1 I have to manually search up each item and subtract it. Is there any way that when I insert "Product #1 sold" in a row, that it would automatically search the items in the inventory and subtract them?

Here is another example: (I also have attached screenshots of my sheets)

I go to the "Orders" sheet and enter SKU 876273 with a quantity of 6.

I want to then subtract the following from the "Inventory" sheet:

Wheels - 24

Axle - 12

Nuts - 30

Plywood - 30

Lights - 24

5' Wires - 12

8' Metal Tubing - 48

Screws - 90

Which leaves my "Inventory" sheet with (in the same order as above...









Thanks in Advance!!


  • Doug Carr
    Doug Carr ✭✭✭

    That sounds like some fairly sophisticated processing. To the best of my knowledge, there is no action in a Smartsheet workflow that will allow you to change values on the triggering sheet let alone on another sheet. In cases like this I would think your only alternative is to use the API with some sort of a scheduled or triggered task. We do it all the time but I also have developers on my team that handle that part. If you happen to have that skill set available then you might look to that but I can't think of any other way to accomplish what you want given the capabilities currently built into Smartsheet