How to open a form in the Mobile App using a web link/url

First question, I guess, is can a user, who does not have a Smartsheet account, use the Smartsheet Mobile App to enter data into a form?

Now the real question. I want to configure a dashboard for maintenance workers that has links to several Smartsheet forms that they fill out and submit. I want to use the barcode functionality so that means they need to use the Smartsheet Mobile App. Is there a way to open a form, in the mobile app from a link on a dashboard? Does the dashboard have to be opened in the app to do so or can it be opened in the web page? Is there any way to configure the URL so that it opens a form in the app?

I guess that's several questions ;-) Appreciate any thoughts on this. Can't find anything even remotely close when searching here for any of this.



  • Joey Razzano
    Joey Razzano ✭✭✭✭

    We've had success with this for our remote field inspectors. The dashboard widgets each have behaviors assigned to them so access is determined for each widget. You do not need a smartsheet account to enter information in any form. There are 3 ways to insert forms on your dashboard - as a link or URL (widget type SHORTCUT) and a smartsheet item (widget type WEB CONTENT). Each of these will take you to the form, which is accessible by anyone, but they display differently and each would have associated behaviors - such as open a URL, go to the smartsheet item (They DO have to have permissions for this option) or Do Nothing.

    When you publish any link, there are always 2 options - a URL or embed code. The URL can be used as a standalone or as a widget on a dashboard. The embed code would go into code such as a sharepoint site. Hope this helps.

  • Doug Carr
    Doug Carr ✭✭✭

    Joey . . . thank you for the response. Your answer does not address the part about formatting the link such that the form is opened in the Smartsheet mobile app. Using these options, I can seem to only get the form to open in a browser. Which, works except for the barcode scanning functionality that is only available (so far) in the mobile app. Thoughts on that?