Ideas for the non-existent idea bank

  1. create an idea bank
  2. create the ability to have a submission into the grid as a calendar item set as a recurring item
  3. add the contact field to a choice instead of email (it used to be this but SS developers changed it).


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Joleary24361

    Are these suggestions on additions you'd like to see in Smartsheet? If so, please submit an Enhancement Request per suggestion, using the form on the right! This form goes to our Product Team so they can see your comments/suggestions.

    If these are questions you would like some help with, would you mind providing a bit more information?

    For example, depending on what you're looking to do for number 2, you could set up a recurring copy row automation from one sheet into another sheet which would create a new row or "submission" based on specific criteria (see here for more information on the copy row automation).

    For number 3, are you referring to automations and workflows? In this instance, you can still choose a Contact Column as an email to send alerts to. (See the bottom of this page, here).

    Let me know if I've misunderstood any of your points and I'd be happy to help further, or suggest potential alternate solutions!



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