Why can't I view the Gantt chart that has been shared with me multiple times?


A Gantt chart (and also an additional Smartsheet) has been shared with me multiple times, and they even changed my access to Administrator in order to view it. And yet it still won't show up when I log in. I can view a different smartsheet that was shared with me.

How do I fix this, or get in touch with someone in customer support who will reply to my tickets?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Eric Schoch

    Is it possible that they have shared you to the sheet via a published link? If so, the sheet won't be visible when you log in to Smartsheet as published links are unique URLS that allow access to a sheet without being logged in. (See here for more information.) If you were provided with a direct URL, you can see the word "publish" at the beginning of it to indicate that this is the case.

    Another possibility is that you have been made a System Admin for your company's organization, but not actually shared with Admin Permissions to the sheet itself (see here for information on permissions). System Admins have the ability to manage users in their company, but they still need to be shared directly to any items that they need access to through the Share button on the sheet/workspace.

    Finally, check in with the user who shared it with you to ensure that your exact email address was used, in case it was accidentally shared to the wrong account.

    If none of this has helped, I would suggest providing Support with what you have tested above, as well as screen captures, the missing sheet's name, and the user's email address who shared the sheet with you so they can look into this in more detail.

    Hope this helps!