Value for updating a checkbox

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I am trying to pass in values via Zapier to update a checkbox type field.

I have restricted the column so that it will only accept checkbox values.

What value should I pass in to check/uncheck the box?

I have tried Yes, No, True, False, and some variations in all caps.




  • Hi Zac,

    I'm not that familiar with Zapier, but in our API documentation the checkbox values are identified with the following:

    Checked = true

    Unchecked = false

    (You can read more about this in our API Documentation, here.)

    If this doesn't work, the Checkbox values in formulas are as follows, so you could try this:

    Checked = 1

    Unchecked = 0

    (You can read about this in our Formula FAQ article, here.)

    Let me know if either of these have worked for you!



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