Combining multiple views of a project plan in one

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In our previous solution, we had five project plans for users to choose from. This caused reporting issues as our milestones did not align between project plans. Has anyone combined project plans into one template and allowed the user to see the appropriate tasks for their chosen project plan by perhaps a filter?

Example, in our next launch, we'd like to slim down our project plans to three - Simple (core milestones for reporting), Detailed (for newer PMs and those that prefer to use every task), and then Agile. I would prefer to have the core milestones in each project plan appear in each filtered view.

Has anyone tried this approach? Any best practices you can share please? Thank you in advance.


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  • Thank you, Paul, for the quick reply. What a brilliant idea! We are using Control Center with one blueprint so we are trying to condense to one project plan with our next release. A couple of follow-up questions:

    1. We will have common milestones with these three plans for reporting reasons and attempt to use resource management this go around on the common tasks. Are you able to use resource management with having multiple plans on one sheet?
    2. Can users easily add rows or do they need to un-filter to see everything and then add a row? For our Agile plan, adding additional Sprints may be necessary. Unless I ask up front, how many sprints does your project plan include (and then place a limit on 10, for example) to pre-load the rows into their plan.

    I appreciate your time and insight.


  • Thank you, Paul. This has helped me see my vision more clearly. I'll tackle resource management next week. When there's a will, there's a way with Smartsheet! I really appreciate your time!