Issue with Formula Autofill

Joe Miner
Joe Miner ✭✭
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Hello, I am currently trying to make an equation driven total column. Currently I am experiencing issues with the formula not autofilling to the next row.

I have looked at the help page that describes the necessary criteria for autofill to take place. I plan on filling this sheet via a form and so far have been testing with the two or more rows filled out and formulas added by dragging the first row down. From my understanding once a two or more consecutive rows have the same formula the next row added below should auto-populate with the formula. This is not happening and I was looking for help as to why/how I could fix it.


I have embeded an image of what I have been struggling with. I have typed the formula into cell one, dragged the formula to row 2. It does not autofill to row 3.

This is the formula I don't think there is any issue with the formula as it does work.

=IF(COUNTIFS([Labor Cost]@row:[Material/ Vendor Cost]@row, ISNUMBER(@cell)) > 0, SUM([Labor Cost]@row:[Material/ Vendor Cost]@row))


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