Project stage and date in the Future


Hello Smartsheet super formula humans! I need some assistance! We are trying to create a formula where a checkbox is checked if the project meets the below criteria.

  • Recurring
  • On hold
  • Pending approval
  • + In Progress with a Go-Live date of after 3/31/21

The Recurring is its own checkbox without a formula, the On Hold, Pending approval and In Progress are in a drop down single select column and the the Go live date is in a date column. We were thinking it needs to be an If(Or statement but can't seem to get it all to flow together.

=IF(OR([Recurring]), [Project Stage]1, "Pending approval", "On Hold), 1, 0)

This is what we have to get us going but it's feeling super of as we try to get it all together. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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