Calculated % Complete


We use three fields to indicate effort:

  • Planned Effort
  • Actual Effort
  • Remaining Effort

I created a column called '% Comp" with the following formula:

=IF(ISBLANK([Remaining Effort (Hours)]@row), 0, IF([Remaining Effort (Hours)]@row = 0, 1, (([Planned Effort (Hours)]@row) - [Remaining Effort (Hours)]@row) / [Planned Effort (Hours)]@row))

This formula correctly calculates the '% Comp'. However, when I go into Project Settings / Dependency Settings and I then select the '% Comp' column to provide information for '% Complete', Smartsheet removes the formula from this column.

Is there any workaround to allow the use of a calculated column for % Complete? Failing this I would need to keep both columns and manually update the values in '% Complete' from the '% Comp' column, which does not seem very graceful?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.