How do you share Datamesh Configs?

Greg Ness
Greg Ness ✭✭
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We have a number of Datamesh Configs that are key to our operation. Today we are bottlenecked with only one user who can access these configs. I understand that we can transfer configs, but it simply moves the bottleneck. I am looking for a way to share existing Datamesh configs with a limited of number of users.


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Greg Ness

    I've set up an email address specifically for creating a login for datamesh to house the configs. Then each of the users has access to those creds. We did it more for visibility and still had a lead person doing most of the configs...basically we never had 2 people doing configs at the same time. The down side is that it uses a license and its best to log out of your Smartsheet before entering into the Team one and then remembering to switch back when you're done so that all your edits aren't done by the Team creds in cell history.

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  • Thanks, Matt. Your solution makes sense to me. I need to give some thought to losing a license (we are maxed at the moment and do not want to add) and to the Data Integrity impact of creating a shared email. Does your Team email solution require that all sheets involved with the Datamesh be shared with that "user"?