Exporting a dashboard as a PDF

Victor Micelli
edited 08/04/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello everyone. Recently I built a dashboard and as we want to keep them saved month after month, I tried to export it as a pdf.

First of all, I didn't find the option to do so, so I did it via the printing function. It happens that the quality/colors of all my dashboard is very messed up (example attached).

Quality used to have a blue background with white letters and the 3 charts in the sequence, grey background titles with black letters. As you can see, in the PDF version, all of this formatting is gone.

Am I doing something wrong or Smartsheet has no native function to export as a PDF? It would be extremely necessary for us to do so.

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  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Victor Micelli

    When I use the print button on the upper right and chose save as a PDF, it works for me. However, I usually use the snipping tool and convert the JPEG to PDF in a slide deck later.

    Matt Johnson

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  • Mike E
    Mike E ✭✭✭

    Additional note I just now learned (I know this thread is very old, but it comes up early in google searches even in late 2021...): The color of widgets and such is part of 'Background Graphics', so just make sure that box is checked when you go to print, and it'll look the same as it does on your Dashboard :)

  • Thanks to Mike E. for that last comment... this is exactly what I needed. I was getting PDFs saved but without color formatting and title. I checked both of these options and it did the trick.