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I just Cant Seem to figure this one out help please.

Alan Beaird
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Ok In the picture Below Cell ?:? is going to be a drop Down List pulled from a drop down list on a  web site.

Action wanted :

  •        After I figure out how to link the Drop Down List in F20.
  •         I would like to create a new Row above row 26 and Insert the Drop Down List               Slection into B25 instead of in F20.
  •        Cells  B25 E;24, F;24, & G;24 I call them the UNIT ROW Cells 


        E;24, F;24, & G;24 values will be manually inserted H;24 will be a remobe button.

  •         CellS K;29, K;31, & K;33 is the total SUM of all UNIT ROWS  by Colums with a value equal             to or greater than (0) 


  1. Reasoning Why:

        I want the Drop Down Box at F;20 to be the activator for inserting more than one unit to           the table below D;24 E;24  F;24 & G;24 this way I can add as many units as possible.


        I alos need to be able to Delete a UNIT ROWS by clicking on a button in Column H of                     the UNIT ROWS I wish to delete.




What Formula do i use to make F20 work?  


I already know how to the rest works.



Untitled drawing.jpg


  • Hi Alan—


    It appears that you're looking for assistance on Excel.


    This is the Smartsheet Community forum, where users of the Smartsheet application (www.smartsheet.com) come to share information on how to take advantage of Smartsheet. Even though we likely have plenty of Excel users in this forum, the Community is focused on answering Smartsheet questions—not Excel questions.


    If you need assistance with Excel, I'd recommend searching for a Microsoft forum for that application.

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