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I am trying to sum the numbers in the first column where the states are CA, CO, DC and IA. Could you please help. I a still learning formulas in Smartsheet. Thanks!


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    edited 08/07/20

    =sumif(total:total,or(@cell = "CA",@cell = "CO",@cell = "DC",@cell = "IA"),b:b)

    * I can't read the second column name where your values are so you need to replace each b in b:b with your column name.

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    The above is the traditional smartsheet way to do it, but there are a couple other more unconventional ways to make this formula shorter.


    is a fun example. I doubt this one is any faster, but it might be easier to add/remove items, and could shorten a future potentially very long formula.

  • Thank you so much! I used the shorter version and it worked like a charm. :)

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