How to count children rows with multiple criteria


I have tried this many ways and can't figure it out. The column names I am working with are: "CaseRegNum", "Type of Review", and "Status".

Each parent row is a different year and beneath each year are cases IDs (these are in the caseregnum column). The cases are categorized into "general" and "special" (this is the type of review column) and then each case is given a status (for example "Closed" or Ready for Review").

What I need is to count the "general" cases by their status, only the children of 2018 cases. So, count the 2018 children that are "general" and "Ready for Review"

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Best Answer


  • Paul Dieterich

    Thank you so much! I swear I tried that a hundred times! I appreciate your timely response!

  • Jennifer Petty


    I'm in need of a formula to count the number of tasks (children rows) that have been assigned in 2021 only. What would be the best formula for this? I've used a variety of different formulas and keep getting #Unparseable.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Candace Haskell

    You would need a helper column that pulled out the year (formula: =YEAR([Start Date]@row) ) You can hide this column and then your count formula would pull from that column

  • Jennifer Petty

    Thanks! There's no way to use the existing date ranges (start and due date) to count the number of children that fall between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021?

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