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Listing unique values in a column, and counting them (group and sum)

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have to import a list of orders and count how many times each unique product was ordered.


So the orders may list the same ITEM hundreds of times (eg: Item123 x10 pieces).  I want another list or sheet which displays a UNIQUE list of each item, and a COUNT of how many pieces of that item was ordered.  As my order list grows, I need the unique item list and sum to update.


Some people calling this grouping unique values and counting.  

It use to be done in Excel with a Pivot table. I'm trying to convince the users to move away from Excel, but I can't find a simple way for a user to do this in SmartSheet.  Any thoughts?


I see pivot.smartsheetlabs.com exists but I don't have access to it. Wondering if that is a pivot function that maybe I need.




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