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I created a sheet which will receive various incoming rows from other sheets. And on this sheet I have a Column "Max" with a MIN formula which turns to "Yes" for the Oldest row. And I have created a workflow that moves the row to a different sheet for the row that has "Yes". Once moved the next row will turn to "Yes" which should then move the other row too. But instead I get a error in the Workflow which disables the workflow. Could someone help me to get it fixed? And the reason that I have set it up like this is, I need each row to separately move to the next sheet, one by one. What am I doing wrong that it doesn't want to work?

Thanks in Advance!!


  • Hi @Benny Neufeld.

    Make sure that you either an admin or owner of both the source and target sheets.

    Also - if Proofing is enabled you will get an error.

    When the row is moved, would you expect another record to immediately flip to "Yes"? If so, the workflow could be getting stuck since as soon as one row is moved, there is another queued up.

    Not sure if this helps at all...

    Jeff Anderson

    Manager, Business Solutions

    Sevan Technology

    Smartsheet GOLD Partner

  • Hi! Yes I am the admin for both sheets. And about the proofing... what is that exactly?

    and for you third question: Yes, once one row is moved right away the next one flips to “Yes”.

    So would there be a workaround for that?

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