Is the Today function actually being forced to update?

The grid below shows 3 rows. The 1st, Header_Row, is a place holder row for the Today function entered in the 1st cell of the Date.Today column. This allows the formula to be copied down when subsequent rows are added to this Smartsheet. Using automation, the "Delete_Task" row is copied into this sheet from another source sheet. This triggers automation within this sheet for Approval routing and posts "Submitted" in the Approval.Status column . Based on what I've gleaned from the forum and help, the "Submitted" entry should force the Today function to update. Using the View Cell History and the Activity Log, I see an initial timestamp in the Date.Today and Modified cells for the Row Copy and then a subsequent timestamp in the Approval.Status and Modified cells for the Submitted, Approval routing. The Date.Today timestamp for the Submitted row and the other two rows are not updated to the most recent, Submitted, timestamp. Is the timestamp \ Today function update not occurring because the actual date has not changed? All three rows were generate today, 08/19. If the automation runs at 1:00 AM, would the Today function on the Header_Row update and reflect the "Submitted" timestamp or perhaps, the Row Copy timestamp?

Ignore the Declined row. It was used to see if an Approval.Status other than Submitted was needed to trigger the update.


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